How to add value to your home on any budget big or small

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Struggling with ways to add value to your home? Whether your budget is big or small here are some ideas to help you focus the money your spending.


If you have small budget of $100 or less to spend

Don’t fear if you have $100 to spend, this is still plenty of money to add something a little extra to your home. Head to your local flower market or shop and buy a bunch of you favourite type, take them home and put them into a large vase. Flowers are an immediate way to bring colour to any room, this pop of colour will freshen up your lounge or kitchen for up to a week. Alongside flowers plants are also another inexpensive but effective way to improve your home. Potted plants such as orchids or succulents are an easy to maintain as well as herbs placed on your kitchen windowsill, living plants creates a neutral feel to the home.

Adding to the décor of the home doesn’t need to be an expensive task, you money will stretch further if you head to low cost department stores where lamps and stylish décor can be found from anywhere between $10-$50, which means you can get more items without spending excessive amounts and still style your home with a touch of style.


If you have $3000 to spend

$3000 is enough to replace a key item of furniture that may be looking a bit tired. Maybe your storage unit needs to be replaced or in need of a new coffee table, it might even be your outside entertaining furniture that is in need of an update. It could also buy you a fabulous new rug/s.  Consider a rug for the entrance way, a hall way runner, some small rugs for the bedrooms or a replacement of your living room rug.  $3000 would also be enough to paint a feature wall or if your handy you could DIY wallpaper. $3000 is enough to make a change to a few spaces in your home.


If you have $10,000 to spend

Transforming a space can be hard but with $10,000 to spend you can create a real feeling of luxury with a statement artwork piece to take pride of place or even look at a few lower cost items like photographic framed prints or sculptural items like corals, tribal necklaces or prints of flora or fauna.
$10,000 can be spent very easily on layering in all of the decor and soft furnishings a home needs to look finished. Lamps, vases, decor items, plants, books, cushions and throws add that extra layer of finish that will really give your home the designer wow factor.


If you have $20,000 to spend

The 2 most important rooms in a home when it comes to resale are the kitchen and bathroom.  With a bigger budget of $20,000 you can upgrade both of these spaces with some simple tricks. In the kitchen consider swapping cabinet doors and handles, benchtops and the splash back.  If the flooring is looking tired, consider replacing it.  If you have lino – see if you have floor boards underneath and if so remove the lino and polish the floor boards.  Another option is to lay vinyl flooring or to use tiles for a more contemporary cool feeling.

$20,000 would also allow you to upgrade the look of all of your bedrooms if you do it wisely. New window treatments that are ready made, a coat of paint or some wallpaper, new linen and soft furnishings and maybe a statement chair for the master and you should get small change across three bedrooms.








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