Nationwide Marketing Campaigns

Harveys is a local brand New Zealanders know and trust. Our national marketing strategy is to promote our brand, offices and expertise.

Our mission is to make your business thrive and we are will pour our tried and tested marketing strategies to achieve this goal.



We are focused on increasing appraisals, auctions and listing for our business owners.

Currently we are running a nationwide advertising campaign aimed at strengthening and developing our presence throughout New Zealand. Ultimately, this will foster greater engagement by New Zealanders with our offices in the Harveys network.



At Harveys, we have embraced social media marketing and that’s put us a step ahead of our competitors.

We have teamed up with Buddybid, a Facebook social media partner, to maximise your online social media presence and marketing strategies. This is a custom-built automated advertising platform using Facebook to amplify your business, your agents and their listings.

The added benefit of Buddybid is that it allows us to analyse and interpret real estate audiences to ensure we are reaching the target demographic at the right time with the right message.



Take advantage of our ‘kiwi’ brand and connect to your community by using a variety of marketing strategies targeting the local market. This includes making use of seasonal marketing, in conjunction with events and holidays.  You and your team can also access tips on office profiling, prospecting and a suite of listing tools provided by our brother network.



Our marketing strategies also cover recruitment. This website is the landmark of taking recruitment seriously: we provide careers not just jobs at Harveys and we’re here to grow your business and our brand, and we will run the extra mile to attract the right team for you.

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