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We offer unique benefits to our investors that differentiate us from our competitors. It’s these little details that make our investors come back to us time and time again. It is this quality of service and attention to detail that has become a keystone of the Harveys customer experience.



We love adding value for our investors and this powerful program has been created to make your and your clients lives a little bit easier.

Harveys Assist is a complimentary service for fresh investors and tenants to streamline the relocation process.  It assists with utility connections, home and investment insurance, moving and storage.  Harveys Assist has made a huge impact on making New Zealanders feel at ease when moving homes and we are proud to be continuing this service, which provides a benefit to both us and our clients.



We have strategically chosen a team of industry business partners to help smoothen your role as property manager.  With a trusted team of suppliers, you will be confident when managing your client’s properties while also improving productivity and time management. Whether you need to organise a team of cleaners, painters or gardening services, you can do it quickly and effectively through our business partners.

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