Digital Innovation

Our digital innovation is at the centre of our business growth. Technology has made huge advancements for business growth potential and with new exciting developments that make both work easier for agents and increase exposure of listings to potential markets.


We have teamed up with Buddybid, a Facebook social media partner, to maximise your online social media presence and marketing strategies. This is a custom-built automated advertising platform using Facebook to amplify your business, your listings and ultimately, your sales.

The added benefit of Buddybid is that it allows you to analyse and interpret real estate audiences to ensure you are reaching the target demographic at the right time with the right message.


Our professional websites allow our offices to always be connected to a wider audience. These can be customised to include local content, while still following the design and layout from our signature corporate site.

Add your own unique content such as images, banners, testimonials, suburb profiles, reports and engage directly in social media. The websites can also be designed to add blog articles, eNewsletters and even eBooks. With the help of your support team, learn strategies to gain new visitors to your site with SEO (search engine optimization).



Supported by the head office, every Harveys office is provided with frequent training, live streaming and webinars on latest digital marketing strategies. One-on-one consultations can also be requested if your office requires more specialised advice.

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