Marketing and lead generation

At Harveys, your success is our success. Our combination of national marketing campaigns, digital solutions, local advertising and promotions equip you with the tools for success in managing and growing your rent rolls and reporting back to your investors. 



Property investment management is a key focus to us, and managing and growing our rent rolls is integral to success. Currently we are running an advertising campaign aimed at directing customers towards letting Harveys help manage their property investment portfolios.



Our personalised URL called ‘Your Spotlight’ and/or ‘Property Spotlight’ is a fully customisable mobile responsive template that allows property managers to promote either themselves or properties for lease.



In addition to social media, we encourage you to create property management opportunities within your community by using a range of marketing strategies aimed at the local market and supporting your local community. We will assist you on this endeavour and ensure you are equipped with resources to effectively engage with your local market.

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