At Harveys, we know how it feels to get that first sale. It is more than just a business transaction – it’s about looking after our client’s future plans and dreams. Whether its been a long-term career goal or you’re wanting to take your sales skills to the next level, we can help you reach your potential in the fast-paced industry of real estate.


Is this the job for me?

At Harveys, we want to find the right people for the right job. Our diagnostic process will not just give you a look into the world of property but also establish whether you’re ready to work as an agent.

Learn about specific traits that research shows are shared by many leading property experts. See if you have a potentially budding real estate career.


What are the benefits?

It may appear luxurious but agents need to give it their all to achieve the best result for their vendors. Making commissions is proportional to your effort. Agents also reap the benefits of a flexible working day. There is also the feeling of fulfillment when you find buyers a new home, a change in location, being involved in developments or assisting those taking their first steps on a property ladder.


Be ready, be engaged

Learn from some of the best agents, with hands on experience that will show you what it takes to succeed in the property industry. You may be surprised at all the new things you learn! Be supported with training right up to your first listing. We will help you on this journey and introduce you to job opportunities within the network while you learn.


Launching Your Career:

To help determine whether this is the right career choice, we’ve come up with a six-step process to kick start your property career:

1. REGISTER FOR MASTER CLASS – Learn exactly what is required to become a sales agent

2. PERSONALITY QUESTIONNAIRE – Discover if you have a natural flair for a real estate career

3. FIRST REPORT – This summary will tell you if you are a “match” for success

4. PERSONAL FEEDBACK – Learn what areas you may need extra support to fast-track your property career.

5. QUICK START TRAINING – Be connected with a mentor and the right training

6. INTERVIEW AND PLACEMENT – Your mentor will match you with at least one Harveys office and perhaps several in the area who are looking for sales agents. Enjoy ongoing support as you embark on your new career.

Harveys has numerous offices across New Zealand waiting for the right agent to join their team and we will help find the right office fit for you.

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