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Harveys is a local kiwi brand, people know and trust. Our marketing strategy is to promote our business, our offices and our expertise in New Zealand homes. People are at the forefront of our marketing and we strongly promote our belief in helping people with their property. This means that our sales agents are able to drive forward with their clients’ best interests and provide the best results.Our purpose is to make your business a success and our underlying marketing will help set up a positive experience with clients, getting you more sales and more leads.



We are currently focusing on increasing appraisals, auctions and listing for you and our network.

We are running a nationwide advertising campaign aimed at strengthening our presence throughout New Zealand. Ultimately, this will foster greater engagement by New Zealanders with our Harveys offices. Customers will be incentivised to work with us and this will increase your appraisal requests, which in-turn drives listings.



We are working with Facebook social media partner, Buddybid, to take your online social media marketing strategies to the limit. It is an agent’s dream social marketing tool for promoting their listings. It maximises exposure to potential clients, assists in staying in touch with past clients, generates new leads and helps connect with your local community.

This industry-leading technology also has the additional benefit of allowing you to analyse and interpret real estate clients.  Designed to ensure you reach the precise people at the precise time with the precise message. No other agency has the ability to do this as powerfully as Harveys.



Our personalised URL called `Your Spotlight’ and/or `Property Spotlight’ is a fully customisable mobile responsive template that allows agents to promote either themselves or their listings.



Coupled with social media use, you will be encouraged to search for opportunities within your local community utilising a number of marketing strategies aimed at your local market. This includes the importance of seasonal marketing, as well as events and holidays.  Agents can also access tips on office profiling, prospecting and access a range of listing tools from the numerous marketing sources on Workplace.

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