It’s almost Winter and time to update your home checklist

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With the imminent arrival of Winter its important to take time to get certain areas of your home ready for colder weather. Here is a checklist of jobs to do when the temperatures are low.

Create comfort in your Kitchen 

If your cooking space is a bit on the chilly side try to add a rug to warm up your toes and relieve pressure on your legs and back. Choose an outdoor mat made from recycled plastic that can be easily cleaned or look for a rug that can be thrown in the washing machine. Attach it to the ground with some anti slip rug gripper to avoid any tripping hazards.

Get that Bathroom in shape 

With the wet weather outside it could be time to give the bathroom a blitz, spend the time indoors clearing out all the hotel soaps and shampoos that you have collected over the years, stick to just the essentials items that you use. Think about clever use of storage solutions to sort items by categories which will make them easier to find, storage solutions that are beneficial are ones with shelving units, storage baskets.

Curtains for Comfort and how to Light up 

Heat is a huge issue when talking about winter and the amount of it lost through windows that are not double glazed and doesn’t have curtains covering them. Heavy curtains are your best bet and check for draughts by holding a lit candle near windows and doors, if you see the flame flickers, seal up the source of the breeze.

With all the time your spending inside you might get sick and tired of your furnishings it might be time for a change. A quick and low cost facelift for any room is to replace the lampshades. You can spend as little or as much as you like. Visit garage sales or charity shops to find inexpensive shades or lighting stores for more of a selection.

Outdoors updates: Fireside 

Entice your guests to enjoy a drink in your outdoor area with the warmth of a toasty fire. Gas, wood or fuelled brazier fires are available that come in all materials from cast iron, ceramic or even steel. If your budget and outdoor space allows you to extend the area you could install an outdoor fireplace, check out laws around outdoor fireplaces in your region. Enjoy making the outdoors comfortable in even the coldest climate.

Remember the pets 

Pets who spend a lot of time outdoors need more food in winter because they use more energy to keep warm. Give them a balanced diet and plenty of fresh water. At night ensure they have a warm spot to sleep with shelter from any rain or draughts.


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